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1941 Packard Super 8 Clipper:  The Lady and Her Packard

Indian summer had given way to the cold winter of 1941 when the new Packard arrived. Delivery was through Ed Combs Garage in Keyser, West Virginia, which was a sub-agency of Cumberland Motors, the big Packard agency in the area, located in Cumberland, Maryland.

Mrs. Nannie Templeton McDonald Campbell was the new owner. Her husband, Thomas Campbell, had departed this life 1n 1936. Mr. Campbell had been a lover of fine cars; having owned a custom built Buick, a Stutz Bearcat and other sporty cars. The Campbell money came from the Campbell Coal Company and the ownership of a popular local butcher shop. Mrs. Campbell accepted the new Packard as the proper way to travel. Her chauffeur, Bryson Cole, was also pleased with the big green Clipper.
Campbell Mansion

1941 Packard Clipper front

The new Packard was garaged at the Campbell Mansion in Piedmont. In years past, the Piedmont area was considered "the p1ace" to live. The mansion, built about 1900, is on a promontory at 99 Hampshire Avenue. The property reaches to the rear street and the garage was entered there. The view from the porch and house is of the valley and mountains. The city is not visible. This block was referred to as "Millionaire's Row. "

The Wilson family lived across the street from the Campbell Mansion. Tim Wilson and his sister have many fond memories of Mrs. Campbell and her Packard. On many occasions when it was raining or snowing, Mrs. Campbell would have her chauffeur stop and give them a lift as they- walked home from school. You can imagine those pleasant childhood memories.

1941 Packard Clipper front right
1941 Packard Clipper right

After many years of faithful service, the Packard was retired in 1962. Mrs. Nannie Campbell also entered a retirement nursing home. Tim Wilson watched as a wrecker removed the Packard from 1ts garage and he wondered about its fate. The Packard had been given to a niece.

The next owner was Richard M. Johnson of Rockville, Md. The car vas sold again to Howard D. Calkins of Fredericksburg. In the spring of '89, George Spradlin, Jr. and I answered an ad selling the Packard. We found the car in solid original condition 35,000 miles. The car had been stored for many years. I bought the car and George did the restoration during the summer and winter, finishing in the spring of 1990. All Packards are nice cars and this car is no exception. It drives, rides and handles like a Packard should.

1941 Packard dash

1941 Packard Clipper door
The years have passed. Nannie Campbell, the Packard's original owner, left this scene in age at the age of 92. Her chauffeur, Bryson Cole is also gone and the neighborhood has changed.  A new owner is restoring the Campbell Mansion.  Today, town's people refer it to simply as, "The Mansion."

1941 Packard Clipper in Arizona
1941 Packard Clipper in Arizona
All of us know that the Packard slogan, 'Ask the Man Who Owns One' is as valid today as when it was originated.

John Dudley
By John Dudley
      Owner & Curator from 1967 - 2004

Footnote:  Special thanks to Ed Weaver of Burlington, West Virginia, Phil Davis, Tim Wilson of Keyser, WV and Mrs. W. Howard Peyton of Westernport, MD for their help in researching the history of this car.  There are a lot of nice people out there - you just have to take time to meet them.

Update:  Since this history was written, the Clipper was sold to Louis Brehmer of Phoenix, Arizona.  Mr. Dudley missed the car so much that he searched until he found a gray 1941 Clipper to take its place.

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